Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Timmy and I arrived home last night to be greeted by two very happy and extremely excited girl doggies.  They loved on me like nobody's business, not taking their eyes off me all night.  They barked at the door when Tony and I went to bed, we didn't have the heart to not let them in. 

This is pretty much the look I've been getting from them all day today.
I have two shadows named Joy and Caligirl.
The little buggers.

And speaking of little buggers...
Has anyone out there seen these type of insects in their garden?
There are hundreds of them on my mint plant.
They look like wasps, but they're not the typical looking wasps we have here.
They also don't seem to mind me getting my camera lens all up in their kool aid.

If anyone knows I'd love to find out their proper or common name.

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