Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Reprieve

Due to the fact that I woke up yesterday and today with tap dancers in my head, frogs in my belly and a carpet lining my throat I had to cancel/reschedule a few appointments.  Not just for me, but for Timmy and me. 

It probably would have been rescheduled anyway because of the ice storm/dizzle/fizzle event that we are currently experiencing.
 Timmy is happy because he gets to chill out on the sofa instead of shaking in fear at the veterinarian's office, getting a TonoPen eye pressure analysis for his third week in a row.  (They are still trying to figure out what is causing his low eye pressure in the most economical and non-invasive way possible)  In case you're wondering, terriers or dogs in general really don't like having a pen-like object placed on thier eyeball and having bursts of air hit it.  Come to think of it, when I go to the eye doctor I'm not that fond of it either, but at least I understand what's going on and why it's being done.  My poor Timmy!

I am relieved, not about being sick, but because I am sick I had to reschedule my dentist appointment until mid-February.  I'm pretty sure I've gotten over my dental phobia but let's face it, who wouldn't rather snuggle on the sofa on an icy morning and catch up on your favorite tv shows guilt-free? 

Doesn't Timmy look thrilled?  I think I need to change his name to Chill Doggie Dog, if only for today.


  1. Very cute dog an beautiful shots!
    It would give me great pleasure that you be my follower and reader:)

  2. I hope you feel better ASAP! Your dog looks like he would make a wonderfully warm snuggle mate! And BTW - I absolutely hate going to the dentist too. AUGH!

  3. You are so FUNNY!!!!!! Yeah a house swapping would be fun. But I would die in your weather! There would have to be a lot of hot chocolate there. Your dog is so cute. All that curly kinky hair. He would have to be part of the deal!

  4. Hope you feel better. I hate going to the dentist too!

  5. Timmy is absolutely adorable! Glad he is "chilling"!


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