Friday, January 21, 2011

Useful Collecting

I started collecting things at a very young age.  The first one I can remember is my Liddle Kiddle doll collection.  I then moved on to the hard core, Barbie!  I had every one I could get my dear grandmother to buy for me.  There was a slight venture into the Dawn doll craze, and it overlapped Barbie but never, ever took their place in my Barbie lovin' heart.  Please tell me someone else out there still owns their Barbie Friendship Airplane!  You do?  Whew, that's a relief!

Now that I'm older my collections have changed.  I've collected salt shakers, old medicine bottles, vintage bird cages (I blame an article I read in Martha Stewart for this one), sea glass, tea cups, copperware and cobalt glass.

My current collections include salt glazed pottery, and to my husband's chagrin, camera lenses.

With my house filling up with lots O'stuff, I had to rethink my collecting strategy.  I of course wanted to collect things that I loved, but if it could be a useful item and not just something to dust off on a shelf, it would make much more sense.  I believe camera lenses fall under this category, but another thing I've enjoyed collecting over the last year is vintage mixing bowls, mainly pyrex.

These are my favorites so far and believe it or not, I found most of them at yard sales.  I do see them in auctions, consignment, or antique shops for way more than I paid for mine, usually fifty cents to a dollar a piece.  I adore the colors of the dip bowl trio in the center.  Can you say 1970's?

This is a SOOC shot of the three stacked bowls I'm sharing for SOOC Sunday.

Do you have a useful collection?  What do you collect?

I'm looking forward to spring when the yard sale season kicks off and BFF Becky and me will be back on the trail of our favorite things!


  1. bird cages??!! i can imagine that took up a whole lot of space!!!

  2. lol, yes, it did! It didn't take me very long to realize that Martha Stewart has many very large homes to display her cages. My husband was thrilled.

  3. I've been collecting pictures lately... as in taking lots and lots of pictures. My husband told me to downsize because it's taking over the computer!

  4. I've been thinking a lot about this lately. As of now I only collect old Pepsi signs.
    I'd love to collect pictures, tea cups, antique stuff!

  5. Beautiful collection. I collect everything, watches, porcelain kettles...

  6. Great pictures! I can't wait to start looking for more treasures to collect with you.

  7. Mixing bowls are one of my weaknesses, but I'm not much of a collector. My house is too small.


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