Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Wonders

My baby girl arrived home for fall break last night to much rejoicing! 

I had her company for most of the day today so we decided to take a walk through Hibernia County Park.  It was very blustery, but perfect crisp fall weather.  The leaves are almost at their peak, but still purdy.  A great opportunity to try out some things I'm learning from 31 Days to a Better Photo.

I've posted the photo below on the Simplicity challenge for "light".  I really like how the sun is shining through the trees and reflecting on the water.
I've also been working on setting my white balance manually and I'm pretty happy with the results I'm achieving.


  1. Very nice shots! Enjoy your time with your daughter. I have a son that is in college and I miss him terribly and love it when he comes home for a visit!

  2. lol - what fun :)

    thanks so much for linking up - you've got some GREAT shots here.


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